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Computer Integrated Machining, Inc. is a machine shop that believes in providing it’s customers with excellent customer service. Too often we find customers who have been let down by previous machine shops consistently late deliveries, low quality standards, and lack of communication are common complaints. We work closely with our customers to assure their needs are being met.

We realize that each customer has several priorities that must be addressed when finding a successful machining vendor. We are very clear about our priorities at CIM and find that they align extremely well with the priorities of our customers.

Our first priority is QUALITY. We create perfect parts to our customers’ specifications. We contact our customers regarding any unclear elements in the prints and files we receive. We are available to make suggestions regarding material, design, and manufacturing technologies to create the most effective parts. We perform thorough inspections using our CMM, Comparator, and additional calibrated measuring devices. At CIM, responsibility for quality is in the hands of each and every one of our employees.

Our second priority is DELIVERY. We meet or exceed our customers’ delivery deadlines and provide accurate turnaround times while accounting for all phases of manufacturing and finishing. We offer rapid turnaround times to assist our customers in meeting their goals.

Our third priority is PRICING. We provide competitive bidding on all requested quotes. We avoid last minute surprises by researching all costs involved in the manufacturing of any part. Machine shops often fail to obtain accurate pricing prior to receiving an order; this generally results in the shop not being able to meet their customer’s deadlines or quality standards. We remain competitive in the marketplace while providing all the necessary components of a successful manufacturing run.

Delivering on time, high quality, precision products is essential to our business and yours.

Computer Integrated Machining, Inc. 10940 Wheatlands Ave, Santee ,92071
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Computer Integrated Machining, Inc., believes in quality customer service.

We are a machine shop that believes in providing excellent customer service.

Michael J. Brown, President

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