CIM Adds Large Haas VF-11/50 Machine with X=120” of Travel!

Computer Integrated Machining, Inc. has added a new HAAS VF-11/50 milling machine to the shop floor to improve our capability to machine very large plate work, large 3D contouring, and more. This machine is equipped with a touch probe, hi-speed machining, directional coolant nozzles, a 4th axis attachment, and boasts a whopping X=120” x Y=40” x Z=30” work envelope! This workhorse is well-suited to high material removal rates, no matter what kind of cut you’re taking. We will have quicker and more accurate set-ups and “lights out machining”, expanding our production capacity by allowing the machine to continue running at the end of the day unattended.

The team at CIM is well-equipped to operate this new machine and really excited to be able to round out even further the exceptional precision of our shop floor.  Call us to see a demo or to start leveraging this new machine – one of few in Southern California to offer this capability !

Thank you, 

Michael Brown, President and CEO, CIM